Resident & Guest Parking Sign, on Tropical Bird Design

Soft tropical bird theme.

Frequently asked questions

Regular signs are about 0.03" thick; heavy-duty signs are about 0.06" thick. Regular thickness will bend with force; heavy-duty will not. If the sign is installed against a wall or in a low-traffic area (such as a private yard), regular thickness should suffice. For high-traffic areas (such as a parking lot or public park) or regions with extreme weather, choose a heavy-duty sign.

Signs are printed on aluminum, with indelible ink. Unlike vinyl or paint that can chip or peel, these printed signs last for years outside in any weather.

All signs are pre-drilled with holes top and bottom for easy installation. Use bolts and washers, available at any hardware store.

No. Quality poles and bases are not offered because they are cost-prohibitive to ship. The best solution is to visit a local hardware store for a suitable pole and installation hardware.

Signs are expected to ship within a few days. Please be aware that all signs are made-to-order, so slight delays may be caused by supply chain issues or unusually high demand.

All signs are made-to-order, so general returns are not accepted. Signs damaged during manufacturing or shipping may be replaced by an identical sign. The complete policy can be found here.

Yes. Orders are kept on file for a year, so matching signs can be added to any set. Feel free to include ideas or concerns in the order notes.

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